Witches Oil
Witches Oil
Witches Oil
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Witches Oil

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Witches Oil- Organic Mugwort infused in Olive Oil

Available in 50ml or 100ml, please select from the drop down menu which size you would like to purchase.

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant, if you think you may be pregnant or if you are nursing. Mugwort is known as an abortificant meaning that it can induce miscarriage. 

Uses: Use as a womb oil to assist in healing past and present trauma. Creating a ceremonial space for this practice is a wonderful way to honour the unmet parts of yourself in a safe space.

As a womb oil to assist in regulating irregular menstrual cycles.

As an anointing oil to enhance prophetic dreams or visions.

As an all over massage oil

 Spirit Of Mugwort:

I dont claim to be a witch, there are too many parts of me wanting to be expressed in this life that its impossible to place a label on myself. But there is a part of my soul and a part of my history that is wanting to be reclaimed and I am doing so with the support and guidance of this incredibly powerful plant.

I sat in ceremony and meditated with Mugwort many months ago. I initially wrote a list of the plants I would like to deepen my relationship with. And to be honest she wasnt actually on this list. However I knew i was missing something and then she called to me. “Its me, you need to work with me.” And so I listened.

Mugwort is a witches herb. She is a plant that has been used for thousands of years to enhance divination practices and prophetic dreams. She thins the veils so that we can access wisdom from beyond the physical plane.

She has also played a pivotal role throughout womens history especially in regards to allowing us to maintain a level of sovereignty over our own bodies. She was a herb women turned to as an abortificant to terminate unwanted pregnancies, she assisted in birthing the placenta after childbirth and and also to help regulate irregular menstrual cycles. Therefore she does come with a warning for those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, She is a herb that you may wish to avoid.

Id like to add that i dont intend to discriminate, Mugwort can be used by anyone and has many uses beyond what i have listed, though i can only share from my personal experience and what has come through for me personally.

When I meditated on the energetics of Mugwort I found her to be closely tied to the archetype of The Crone. She is dark, primal, very intense and so wise but also with a level of compassion and comfort just beneath the surface. Her message for me was: “Let me hold you, let me heal you, it wont always be pretty but it is necessary work. I will dig up the deepest wounds of your past and transform them with my light, they can no longer hide in the shadows.”

She wants to hold our hand and take us to the deepest darkest parts of ourselves. She wants to shine a light on all of the pain, fear, shame and trauma, especially that which we carry in our wombs that we have not only accumulated over lifetimes but that which we have inherited from our red thread (our Mother Line) due the very intentional annihilation of the feminine throughout our recent history.

I am only personally just coming to terms with what this meant for the wisdom keepers, the medicine women, the midwives, mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers ect who were abused, murdered, tortured, shamed and outcast.

Generations of knowledge has been lost and replaced by terror, oppression, grief and rage. What has occurred and still occurs to this day is one of the biggest tragedies in human history and has impacted all of humanity in far greater ways than we can possibly comprehend.

So how does this relate to Mugwort?

I feel as though she is reaching out to work with us once more. She wants us to remember our inherent power and reclaim our rightful place in this world. But in order to do this we must be willing to face everything that is holding us back from doing so. All of the trauma, all of the pain, all of the rage and the grief and the fear. This is deep deep work, and not everyone is ready to do this. But if we want to see real change in this world and fulfil our highest potential, if we want to reclaim our divine expression, our bodies and our wisdom, heal our relationships with our Sisters and walk together in unity once more. If we want to remember what its like to be safe in our feminine then this is the path.

For me right now its the only path, ive reached a point where there is no moving forward until this rage and pain is expressed. And Grandmother Mugwort has promised to hold my hand through it all. What an honour it is to have her walk along side us through the fire of transformation, as she said its not pretty work but it is necessary work.

I am so excited to offer you a way to work with this powerful plant ally in the form of Mugwort infused Olive Oil. I was gifted this Mugwort from a dear friend of mine and this particular bush is extremely loved and well cared for. The oil was infused for 8 weeks then left out over the last Dark Moon and drummed with my Crone drum Altrea who  holds a very primal feminine energy.

I hope you find comfort and healing in working with the energy of Grandmother Mugwort and are reminded of the deeply inherent power that you hold within. 

Much love

Haley xx