Realm Walker Medicine Rattles
Realm Walker Medicine Rattles
Realm Walker Medicine Rattles
Realm Walker Medicine Rattles
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Realm Walker Medicine Rattles

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Please note that this is for one rattle only, please select from the drop down which one you would like to purchase.

Realm Walker Medicine Rattle:

To hear a sound sample of the goat hide rattle - click here

To hear a sound sample of the deer hide rattle- click here

For those that walk between worlds, the Realm Walker Medicine rattles were created with the intention to be a potent ally to your sacred practices. Labradorite is known as the stone of the mystics and Black tourmaline is a strong protector to have by your side during journeying and ceremonial work. 

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline + Labradorite

Plant Allies: Wild Fennel, Wild Carrot, Self Heal, Centaury + St. Johns Wort

Animal Spirits: 

Wooden handle: Goat (hide), Serpent + Emu

Deer antler handle: Deer (hide), Serpent + Emu

General Energies: Connection, Protection, Purification + transformation

The medicine or shamans rattle is a sacred and universal energy tool that can be traced back to the majority of ancient cultures. They are known as the voice of the spirits, the sound of creation and are connected to the water element, representing the cleansing and calming effects of the rain. I am deeply honoured to have been called to create these rattles and am humbled to be able to share them with my community.

A little bit about the process and materials:

The Australian Deer hide is sourced from a local drum maker who passes on the leftovers to me so they dont go to waste. She sources them from local hunters and businesses.

The Goat hide is sourced from a local business that sources it from Indonesia

The wooden handles are collected from local bushland from fallen branches and permission is always asked before taking. they are sealed with a waterproof varnish.

The Deer antlers are sourced from a small Australian business who collects them from Australian Deer farms 

The feathers are ethically sourced from a licensed seller meaning they come from moulting birds only, or are collected from the ground in my local area.

The rattle heads are filled with a mix of corn, lentils, small rocks and crystals chips

All rattles are made in sacred ceremony with deep reverence and respect for the animal that the hide is sourced from. Throughout the process I may be called to work with the energy of specific power animals, crystals, herbs and symbols. I strictly follow the guidance and protocols of my spirit team and the spirit of the rattle itself as to how it would like to be crafted.

I have come to know the medicine rattle as an incredibly versatile and powerful energy tool that has many uses, some of these include:

Ceremony and ritual:

calling in the spirits and the 4 directions

calling in protection and setting energetic boundaries

honouring your guides, the land, the elements or your ancestors ect

rhythm keeping when chanting and singing

achieving an altered state of consciousness and shamanic journeying

Healing and energy work:

using as a diagnostic tool to locate energy blocks

dissolving energy blocks

releasing attachments or lower vibrational entities

Each rattle has a beautifully unique personality and energy which you can connect to through a meditation or shamanic drum journey when you first receive it. During the exercise you can intend to meet the spirit of your rattle, learn about its purpose and how it may specifically want to be used. You can also hold a small ceremony to honour your rattle and thank it for working with you. I highly suggest these practices for cultivating a deep, personal relationship with your rattle.

To care for your rattle keep it somewhere safe when not in use. Due to the nature of raw hide please avoid getting it wet. Be careful not to knock the rattle head as it may become dinted. For any other questions regarding this rattle please feel free to contact me.

Please look into custom laws before purchasing from outside of Australia

Haley xx