Goddess Gift Pack
Goddess Gift Pack
Goddess Gift Pack
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Goddess Gift Pack

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The ultimate self care pack to activate your senses 

The Goddess Gift Pack includes:

1 x 100ml Ritual Kin Goddess Body Oil 

1 x 150g Ritual Kin Body Scrub of your choice (please communication which scrub you would like by specifying in the "customer notes" section upon checkout, if you do not specify I will choose on your behalf) please see below for options

2 x Lulani Moon Therapies hand rolled "Zelkova" incense sticks (earthy rose blend)

1 x Handmade Ritual Kin Milk & Honey Incense Holder 

1 x Orchid Calcite crystal

Shipping included Aus wide

* Please note that you will receive a pack very similar to this one however there may be slight variations between the incense holder and crystal



All Scrubs are made with Australian Sea Salt and/ or Himalayan Salt with almond oil, coconut oil, an olive derived emulsifier, premium essential oils and organic botanicals

Solis- Designed to uplift + revitalise the spirit. The Solis range can help replace fear + lack with joy, abundance + gratitude. Perfect for when you need an extra spring in your step or want to level up your manifestation rituals. This gorgeously sweet citrus blend is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

Essential Oils: Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Neroli + Sweet Basil

Botanicals: Organic Calendula + Organic Chamomile 

Crystal Essences: Citrine, Clear Quartz + Rose Quartz

Earthling- Designed to ground, protect + nurture. The earthling range is a slightly earthy, vanilla rose scented blend created as an emotional support to help one feel safe + secure during times of stress. Black tourmaline is an extremely grounding + protective stone that absorbs negative energy + transmutes it into life force energy, making this blend perfect for when we are feeling frazzled or are dealing with heightened emotions.

Essential Oils: Rose, Rosemary, Rosewood, Peru Balsam + Cypress

Botanicals: Organic Rose Petals, Organic Hibiscus + Organic Rosemary

Crystal Essences: Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz + Clear Quartz

The Seer- Designed to strengthen the auras energetic pathways + gently open the third eye to allow one to connect more easily to higher realms. The Seer range is a calming blend created to soothe the nervous system, for when we are relaxed, ideas, guidance + clarity can flow more readily.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Helichrysum, Frankincense + Clary Sage

Botanicals: Blue Cornflower + Organic Lavender

Crystal Essences: Labradorite, Clear Quartz + Blue Kyanite



The Ritual Kin Body Oils are made with nourishing almond oil, essential oils and organic botanicals. Created specifically for self care practices, massage and ceremonial work.

Essential oils: Rose, Jasmine, Peru Balsam, Frankincense + Lavender 

Crystal Essence: Rose Quartz 

Botanicals: Rose petals, dried Lavender + Chamomile 

The Goddess Body Oil is perfect for those special self-care rituals. Her gorgeously soft, floral scent will rekindle your sensual nature and call forth the Goddess within. Rose Quartz is added for some extra support with self love.