Custom Rattles

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a custom Medicine Rattle. It is an honour to create these amazing energy tools in collaboration with Spirit, and an even bigger honour to co-create something that is completely unique and energetically aligned for a specific individual.
The following is some general information about the process of creating a custom rattle and what to expect in regards to cost, payment and materials ect. 
All rattles are crafted in ceremony with deep reverence for the animals and elements involved. Prior to creating your rattle we will discuss aesthetics and the materials you would like to use such as the type of hide and type of handle (these will be dependent on availability).
We can also discuss whether you have any specific energies you would like me to call in or work with such as certain spirit animals, elements, plant allies, ancestral lineages, crystals ect. that you feel connected to. If you are open to the specific details of the Rattle being channelled on your behalf I am able to work this way also.
During the ceremony I will connect with your energy, call in your guides and ancestors along with the spirit of the Rattle itself. I will work with the elements and energies that were previously decided upon while also being open to any other energies, messages or visions that may come through. Any additional information along with all elements and energies involved in the creation process will be documented and sent to you with your rattle.
Specific materials/ sizes will be dependent on availability. Though these are the materials I tend to have available regularly:
Deer hide: Sourced from an Australian supplier (a gorgeous deep brown and fawny brown mottled hide) 
Indonesian Goat hide: ( a beautiful yellowy/ brown hide with dark details)
Wooden handle: Sourced from fallen trees in local bushland with permission, sanded, stained or left raw and then lightly sealed with a water-based satin varnish
Roe and Fallow Deer antler handles: Ranging from small to large (dependent on availability)
Price Guide: 
The cost of all Medicine Rattles include the rattle itself and either a removable decorative tie made from beads and feathers or a band of ethically sourced animal fur if available. If there are specific materials you would like incorporated such as a rare feather or something of that nature that you would like me to source especially for you or if you would like elaborate decorative symbols or designs then the cost of extra time and these types of materials will be added to the total. A quote for the total will be given before I begin crafting.
*PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING IS A PRICE GUIDE ONLY* Prices for both regular and custom rattles may vary slightly especially in regards to the Deer antlers due to their varying shapes and sizes . During the initial discussion I will send you a photo of what I have available for you to choose from with specific prices for each one.
A non-refundable deposit of $80.00 is required before I begin crafting and the difference is to be payed in full before dispatch 
Postage for rattles is a flat rate $9.95 Australia wide 
Please ask for a quote for international shipping before purchase
Free shipping for all rattles $250.00 and over (Aus only)
Please allow 1-3 weeks for me to complete your rattle
International Purchases/ Customs Regulations:
Due to the rattles being made out of animal products and wood there may be issues in regards to bio security in certain countries. We can look into the custom laws for your specific country and may be able to make adjustments. I may be required to whiten the antlers and seal them and the rawhide with a satin varnish. I may only be able to fill the rattle head with crystal chips or beads ect. If you are purchasing from outside of Australia we can look into this before proceeding.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me via email:
Thankyou so much for your trust and support
Haley xx