Trust In The great Unfolding

There will never come a day where every single person on this planet will have perfectly aligned practices, perspectives, values or beliefs

There will however come a time when we will choose love, respect, harmony and peace irrespective of individual practices, perspectives, values or beliefs

Im currently witnessing an extreme polarisation of views within the spiritual community and beyond

Light vs dark
Good vs evil
Right vs wrong

All coming up for review with an intensity driven by the fear of potentially being on the wrong side of history

So many people are walking on eggshells not sure which path to take

And i get it, It's confusing as fuck

Ive personally been doing my head in for the last few years now. So afraid of perpetuating evil agendas. So afraid of contributing to the demise of humanity. Its hard when you truly know what is at stake

There is so much external noise, judgment and blame, so much conflicting information, each person claiming theirs as the ultimate truth

And at the same time people are speaking up for good reason, right now everything is coming to light

There have been deliberate distortions hidden within the pure essence of many teachings for years now

Slowly pulling at the threads of integrity like poison laced honey

We have a right to be discerning

It has never been more important to claim the role as the highest authority in our own lives. And if we come back to our centre and learn to make decisions from our own inner compass most of the noise will subside

What seems to happen though is that anything and anyone that is not in alignment with our personal values and beliefs quickly becomes the enemy

Its great that we are questioning things, its so good to see that we are not becoming complacent along our journey

We need to stay humble enough to shift our perspectives as new information becomes accessible to us

We also need to be able to hold strong in our convictions while also being willing to admit that in the scheme of things we know absolutely nothing

Most of the time we are just fumbling in the dark, trying our best to make sense of it all

For there is “a truth” and then there is “the truth". We are never going to know or understand the absolute highest truth from our limited perspective. It is just not possible at this point

To complicate things further, every single human on this planet has their own personal truths created from their own thoughts, feelings and experiences, most of which are so nuanced that they cannot be reduced down to something so simple as right or wrong

And try as we might to live by such elementary rules, try as we might to never put a foot wrong and live within our moral and ethical high grounds, there is an extremely high chance that we will at some point be completely mislead along our path. And even so it will still be the highest path for us to take

For example,
I started my journey in New Age spirituality. Something that has been copping alot of shit for a while now. I completely understand why in some ways and in other ways I feel we are so quick to reject the entirety of something instead of accepting that life just isn’t that black and white

New Age has been the foundation of my life up until 2 years ago. Its where I gained so much understanding about my patterns, beliefs and ultimately my reality. Its the reason I started taking responsibility for my life, learnt to let go of my overwhelming need for control and began to trust in a benevolent force far greater than I could ever imagine

It also came to a point where I began to question many things and  could see all the ways I had been giving my power away within these spaces. From there I started moving toward Earth Based practices, settling into a more Animistic view of the world

I dont see any part of my experience or New Age in itself as wrong, I appreciate what I gained, it resonated deeply with where i was at, the more negative experiences mirroring back to me exactly what I needed to move beyond my own limitations, it was all perfect. It was the path i needed to take to get to where I am today

Once youve overcome the absolute head fuck that is the death of your current reality and a rebirth of a new one. Its easy to dismiss anything and everyone who no longer aligns with your new found perspective,  especially if you feel you were deceived or lead astray in some way or another

However, the best piece of advice I was ever given was to take what resonates and leave the rest. Just because you don't agree with parts of a larger concept it doesn’t mean you have to reject it or anyone associated with it entirely. This just becomes a breeding ground for intolerance

Yes, behind the scenes of most major movements are those with more insidious intentions attempting to take us down a path of total  disconnect; from ourselves, each other, our bodies, the earth, our hearts and our true potential

At the forefront of these movements are human beings. Complicated, beautiful, messy human beings with good hearts and intentions. People who care. Those who came to their own conclusions about life based on their own experiences

Lets not get the two confused

When you put everything under a microscope you will always find fault

When you zoom out you have an opportunity to see the bigger picture

So how many times are we going to fall for the same divisive tactics that have been keeping us disempowered for eons

Perpetuating fear and distrust of the other

And fear and distrust of ourselves

The biggest distortion of all is that we are seperate. And anything that drives this division is what we need to be most concerned about

Not what everyone else is doing, not doing, following or not following

If we are at the point where we can see how beautifully life has played out for us thus far. If we can see in hindsight that it was all perfect and necessary for us to become the people we are today. Can we not trust in the collective experience as well?

We have to trust that certain agendas, no matter how sinister actually serve a greater purpose in the overall process of our awakening. And that even though it can feel so scary at times. Everything is unfolding perfectly 

Yes there is a major untangling taking place, yes it is necessary

It is amazing that the veils of illusion and deception are lifting. From a point of new found clarity we are making better decisions for ourselves. We are choosing more consciously

But lets not pick each other apart in the process and fall into the trap of thinking our path is the only one to take

Lets remember that unity is the end goal

Not conformity

And that the evolution of human kind requires more tolerance, love and acceptance, not less

Its time to let go of fear and learn to trust in our individual and collective experience

Because at the end of the day, all paths are leading us home

H xx